Information in English

This page is for English materials related to our session.

Outline of our project

The student volunteers interview the graduates beforehand. The interview is conducted by the “Life-Course Approach”, which is an interview methodology that contextualizes the discussants’ psychological developments within the various experiences in her environment. The interview investigates how the career choices were made by looking into the interactions of 1) the discussants’ personality traits, 2) his/her specialty, 3) and the various activities of the programs. The interview is conducted after there is consent by the graduates. The interview data will be treated appropriately with care and security. The interview results will be visualized in a image. The diagram will be used as an outline of the discussant’ talk to address two or three questions in our discussion.

Purpose of our project

The Program for Leading Graduate Schools has been proposing to educate PhD holders with a new set of skills. Although their prospects have been discussed by the members of the industry, university and the government, the voices of the students have not been heard. The “Program for Leading Graduate Schools Forum 2017 Student Panel Discussion” aims to investigate how the programs actually influence the students’ career choices. Specifically speaking, the forum invites program graduates to share the problems that they faced as a participant. The forum should become an opportunity for the current students to reflect upon what it means to become a Phd graduate in the 21st century.

Upcoming info

We are planning to upload the following contents as our project proceeds.

  • Profiles of discussants
  • Results of our analyses for pre-interviews
  • Progress of our session in the forum 2017 (via YouTube)

Apology for language problem

Our project and the session in the forum 2017 will be conducted only in Japanese because we would like to focus on fine nuance of each discussant. Instead, we will share necessary information with you (English speaker) at this website as far as possible. We are sorry if this causes you any inconvenience and request your understanding. 

Contact information

If you have any questions about our project, please e-mail to the following address.

leadingforum2017.student[at] (Please change [at] to @)